Escalator access to tanks

This escalator is usually sued in areas where operations need to make deposits to different vehicles or in different ubicaciones.Con this ladder access and operator safety at the mouth of the pit opening operations is improved, closure, maintenance or cleaning. This sitema, the operator avoids the use of lifeline being all barrera.La Secure area for a height adjustment is made by a winch with brake system (heights 2900 mm à 4500 mm). The up / down pour Secure is a mechanical parachute system. The assembly is mounted on a mobile chassis equipped with two fixed wheels of diameter 250 With concealed mm and two wheels, steps are double grooved skid, This rudder system is unique and is patented by Triax.

The upper end of the ladder is equipped with a curved tubular structure, and comprises a base and a liftable automatic return Portillón. Access to leadership is facilitated by an intermediate step.

escalera de acceso a cisternas
escalera móvil de acceso a cisterna
Escalera móvil de acceso a cisternas