Barriers Fall protection for mezzanines and mezzanine

Barriers safety locks lofts and mezzanines:

principio de funcionamiento barrera esclusa de seguridadWhatever the model of this range of fall protection barriers, the principle is always the same, when a gate opens another closes and vice versa.

The result is that the area is securized and use of lifelines is avoided.

The lock system safety barriers Triax is poised manually movable barrier system and in some cases allowed to be assisted by pneumatic or hydraulic systems.

Depending on the application we will advise the right system for you whenever trying to go the simplest solution that meets the current requirements on labor safety. Please note that in all cases the width is adapted to the requerida.Pinche measure on the images below for examples of applications with different types of barriers:
barrera pivotante tipo B Barrera con elevación vertical tipo C Barrera par altillo tipo L Barrera pivotante tipo P
barrier type B Barrera type C Barrera type C4 Barrier type P
Barrera pivotante tipo T Barrera anticaida plegable tipo TB0 Barrera esclusa plegable con portón tipo PB2 Barrera con arbol de transmisión tipo L
Barrier type T TB0 barrier type Barrier type PB4 Barrier Type L