Apilador, pallet dispenser Magapal

Apilador, pallet dispenser Magapal:

This machine is designed to store and / or make available stacks of empty pallets. The giving or receiving of individual pallet and stack of pallets can be done with or pallet truck.

This fixed equipment may have one or two functionalities: Unstacking Mode (pallet dispenser), Stacker mode (Stock pallets). The Magapal is monoformato, valid for pallets 1200×800 o 1200x1000mm. There are models for 10, 15, 20 and 25 pallets in the standard range, in single and double cross, two types of pneumatic or hydraulic operation.

The automatic version includes a safety cell avoids the possible crushing of feet or objects to the presence of foreign objects on the stack of pallets and a cycle counter view to improve estimates of equipment maintenance (for instance, change cables each 40000 Puck).

The high-lift pallet stack to allow collection unit with electric pallet hooks safely (approx 100mm pallet pick play between base and bottom pallet stack).

The dispenser has carters protection on three sides full height, in compliance with NF EN 294 distances on machine safety.

This equipment complies with the standard NF EN 415.54 December 1997, rules and regulations defined by European regulations 89/392/EEC and 89/336/EEC directive electromechanical. Main advantages of this equipment:

marcador Prevents users of pallet stacks falls when picking the pallets manually.

marcador Avoid injury, cuts, scratches and other accidents and casualties to prevent operators manual collection of pallets.

marcador Transit of trucks in positions where the operator can handle a pallet is prevented.

marcador Positions in integrated high rate these teams improve the process of feeding line.

marcador Improved storage avoiding falls or breakages of pallets

Most standard devices are autonomous, manufactured in another range we can offer warehouse lines integrable vane roller conveyors for handling palets.En case you want more information about the available possibilities, please contact us to provide you with more information on this equipment there are many versions with roller conveyors and transfers / chain for use with front shipments, a rear or side 90 o to 180 º.

apilador y desapilador MAGAPAL de triaxMAGAPAL apilador - desapilador de pilas de 20 palets

Unstacking 10 Puck

MAGAPAL apilador - desapilador de pilas de 20 palets

Unstacking 20 Puck

MAGAPAL apilador - desapilador doble profundidad para dos pilas de palets

Desapilador double bottom

Apilador - desapilador de pilas de palets integrado en línea

Integrations online

Duty Cycle mode automatic unstacking: Duty Cycle mode automatic stacker:
marcador Battery charging with pallet stacker / torus the pallet: Validation pressing button "" march Auto "if the pallet stack is deposited directly above the ground. marcador Void Storage pallet machine.
marcador Elevation of the stack to stack separation last pallet of the same and making available marcador Pallet detection by the cell.
marcador Sunrise pallet truck. marcador Rise of the pallet stack integrates.
marcador Detection by scanning timed cell no pallet on floor marcador The height of the stack is limited by a cell positioned at the top of stacker.
marcador The unstacking automatically lowers the pallet stack and resumes the rise again leaving a pallet available for collection. marcador When the machine can not handle pallets and more, pallet stack is deposited on the ground to be gathered by a bull / truck.
marcador Cells security prevents operation of the machine if it detects any obstacles under the stack of pallets marcador The machine will not work if you see any obstacles between pallets (for instance, operator's feet)