Classifier for inspection pallet stacks

Classifier for inspection pallet stacks:

Clasificador de pilas para inspección de palets defectuosos
marker Max stack: 2500 mm.
marker Feeding : 400 V - 50 Hz.
marker Admite palets of 1200×800 y 1200x1000mm

This team facilitates manual inspection and sorting of pallets. Rentabiliza eliminating defective pallet production. It allows a gain in time when sorting pallets and improves workplace ergonomics.

The keypad allows access to toos movements manually via pushbuttons. The set is made of simple and functional, and requires no maintenance apart from oil level control and lubrication.

Principle of operation:

marker1 Load cell for pallet inspection.
marker1 Volteo de 90 º
marker1 The operator classifies the defective pallets individually detecting.
marker1 Volteo of -90 º, recuadre.
marker1 Collecting pallet stack